How to make impressed a girl on you.

How to make impressed a girl on you.

Hlw everyone, this is love guru. And before this party gets too far out of hand, I want you to do a little mental exercise: Picture the most impressive man you can think of… What’s he wearing? What’s he look like? How’s he acting and what is he doing? got a picture? good.

We’re going to come back to that image in a few minutes. But first, we’re going to teach you how to be exactly like that man. Plus, we’re also going to teach you the #1 mistake guys make that they think is impressive, but is actually ridiculously lame.

So without further a do, here’s how to impress a girl in 5 easy steps, plus the #1 least impressive thing you can ever do.

5. Remember the human first, let’s talk about first impressions… But more importantly, let’s talk about how the word, “Impress” is right there in the beginning of the word, “Impression.”

How neat is that? Uh…very cool, beardy. Anyway, you should know by now that your first impression needs to impress and make a girl crazy for you all at once.

See, most guys throw whatever game they think they’ve got out there, see what sticks, and play a numbers game… But what they don’t realize is that every girl is different and the same approach doesn’t work for every girl.

Which is why when you’re trying to make a good first impression with a girl, one of the easiest ways to impress her is by remembering that she’s an individual. She has a story, she has dreams, and both of those things are what made her the girl she is today.

So if you show a genuine interest in what makes her so unique by actively listening and asking followup questions, she’ll bevery impressed with your curiousity. And if you can adopt this mind-set when meeting anyone new – guy or girl – well that social process is even more impressive.

4. Be a Modest Gentleman Hey guys. Beardy here. And I’m going to be frank for a second… I feel like a lot of guys these days think that being a gentleman shows some sort of weakness.

This idea was most likely spread by Nice Guys and self-proclaimed inches who tend to view women as the enemy. They’ve been turned down so many times that they think they’ll never find love.

And I’ll admit, it’s probably not an easy solution to be in. But that doesn’t mean those guys should give up on finding love. In fact, the problem these guys face is almost entirely caused by how they view their own actions.

Think about it… Who sounds more attractive?:A guy who thinks that just because he holds the door for a girl, he deserves a date? (AKA a Nice Guy)Or a guy who holds doors, says please and thank you, and doesn’t think anything of it? Here’s the thing:

You can totally be themost gentlemanly guy a girl has ever met, in fact, it’s one of the habits women love. But only if you’re modest about your good manners and view them as something you should do simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Being a gentleman is ridiculously impressive to women. But only if you have the proper attitude to go with it.

3. Look Impressive alright, do you still have that mental image of an impressive man from the intro of this article? good… I told you we’d be coming back to it.

It’s me, isn’t it? I’m the impressive man? Uh, sure beardy… You’re very impressive. *eye roll*Now I’m going to bet your impressive man is dressed impeccably, has clear skin, a stylish haircut, square shoulders and perfect posture.

Is he unemployed? He very well may be, but who cares? He’s still impressive. No matter his circumstances, a man who cleans him self up on a daily basis – or one that just stands up straight – projects an air of confidence that is immediately impressive.

And on top of standing straight, getting your hair did, and cleaning your fingernails, your complexion is imperative when it comes to impressing a girl.

Tiege Hanley’s skin care system will keep your face clean and protected from the elements throughout the day. And if you need a little more help, their acne system, filled with ingredients like Salix Alba Bark and Lavandula Oil, will have you cleared up in no time.

One of the other great things about Tiege Hanely is they deliver their skin care systems, right to your door. No need to hit the mall. Plus, if you make sure to use their products everyday, Your discipline of sticking to a daily routine will be even more impressive than your ridiculously clean and clear face.

So simple skin care routine that is almost guaranteed to help you impress girls. I know you’re well on your way to Impressive city, But before you’re shaking your martin is and going full Daniel Craig, there’s one topic we need to touch on,And it’s one that can undo all of your hard work up to this point.

I’ll explain everything you need to know at the end of this topic. For now, here are the last two items on our list.

2. Be an Idea Man You may have heard this quote, said originally by Henry Thomas Buckle in 1901:“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

Wanna know how to make any girl fall in love with you? Don’t have a small mind. Literally anyone can talk about other people. And the worst types do so in a negative way.

But it takes an impressive man to use his brain to think about and discuss events, and an even more impressive man to discuss ideas. Consider this:

What do you think would the world be like if the Nazis won World War II? I’d say that’s a much more interesting topic to discuss than how much you hate Karen from HR.

Don’t get me wrong though… Bonding over people you dislike is a great way to start a conversation with a girl. It can actually be kind of fun. But eventually she’ll want to know that you actually have a brain and can think for yourself.

So don’t be afraid to impress her with interesting ideas on important topics (or interesting ideas on completely mundane topics like how many Capuchin Monkeys could hang from the Eiffel Tower.)

Ideas, especially the unique ones not only make you impressive… They’re also very charming. For more tricks on how to be charming, checkout our other topics.

1. On the Rocks Mirroring, open body language, eye contact, you’ve heard it all before when it comes to body language tricks to make her chase you.

And yeah, you should be doing those things,but you shouldn’t be thinking about them too much… Why? Because if you’re talking to a girl and thinking too much about how you’re supposed to act,you’ll probably miss out on all the things she’s saying.

So like a glass of whiskey on the rocks, take your time and chill out, brother. Sure, we already told you that every girlis different, but every time you talk to a girl… Well that’s always the same for the most part isn’t it? You’re trying to get to know her, trying to make a good first impression, and trying to find a connection.

So if you really want to impress a girl, act like she’s not the first girl you’ve ever talked to. Relax, take it easy, and order a drink on the rocks as a reminder to maintain your composure.

The number 1 Pitfall to Impressiveness alright guys, we’ve talked a lot about tricks to get girls to chase you… But if you want to undo all that hard work,here’s how you screw it up: Arrogance.

Arrogance is confidences’ inbred cousin. He’s the type of guy who shows up drunk to your wedding and hits on your bride to be. And if you give arrogance the opportunity,he’ll wreck your chances of ever finding a bride to be.

Arrogance is insidious because it so closely resembles confidence, yet yields the polar opposite result. So while the confident man who takes pride in his appearance, listens and responds in context, is generous and generally cares is impressive…

The arrogant man with his inflated sense of ego, entitlement, self-importance, braggadocious nature, is an asshole… So please, fellas… For your sake and the sake of girls everywhere don’t be an arrogant asshole.

So there we have it, 5 tips on how to be immediately impressive to girls, as well as how to torpedo all your otherwise worthy efforts.

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